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Rust (PC) is an online, open-world survival game with strong focus on crafting and player interaction. You wake up naked in an unfamiliar place with little to your name but a torch and a rock you can try to fruitlessly defend yourself, mine resources, and start making the best of your new situation.What will happen to you? Or more accurately, what will you allow to happen? Hunters become prey and vice versa in an ongoing struggle to survive in an environment determined to kill you.

Key features
Rust is an online survival game created by the people behind the famous Garry's Mod. You start out as a hungry person in the middle of nowhere, and you either stay this way, or fight and craft your way to hi-tech weaponry and a fortress nothing short of explosives can take down.

Rust features
-Spacious map - Rust boasts a large map able to easily contain and provide for a hundred players
-Robust crafting - dozens of recipes are there to help you survive and defend yourself against the environment and other players